The 5 Criteria of a Successful Plan

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Winning Employee Recruitng Strategy Looks Like White Paper

You are likely having a harder time than ever before recruiting the kind of talent your business needs. Over the past few years, the market has shifted and the labor pool has shrunk, making it more difficult to find and hire good employees. And if you’re trying to land skilled, educated, experienced talent—game changers—the competition is especially fierce.

So, how do you create a recruiting strategy that allows you to win in this environment? What must you do to ensure you are able to attract premier performers and leverage your recruiting success?

This report answers those questions and more. It describes the forces that created the present talent market and introduces the 5 criteria every recruiting plan must include if it is going to succeed.

You will find it hard to triumph in your recruiting efforts if you do not learn and apply these principles. So, download this report today! 

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Specialty Restaurants Corp

“After 60 years in business, our family enterprise needed a value offer that would attract people who could lead our company into the future. We had a compelling career opportunity and a great culture, but we lacked a plan that rewarded business growth. VisionLink’s experts helped us craft a program that effectively incentivized long-term value creation. It put us in a stronger position to attract great talent and enabled us to fulfill our promise to share value with leaders who helped us achieve our growth goals.”

Specialty Restaurants Corporation

John Tallichet, President & CEO