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Most business leaders have emerged from the pandemic with two realizations.

  • They must prevent their compensation investment from becoming the enemy of cash flow.
  • They must incentivize company growth.

Which is why there is a surge of interest in Phantom Stock—and why now is the time you should adopt a plan. This long-term incentive arrangement enables you to reward performance without increasing your compensation expense. It also allows you to share value without diluting owner equity.

In short, if you attend this broadcast, you will learn why phantom stock is the compensation equivalent of “having your cake and eating it too.”

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During this presentation, we will explain:

  • What phantom stock is and how it works.
  • The three types of phantom stock plans and how they are used.
  • Why most private enterprise owners prefer sharing phantom equity over real stock.
  • How phantom stock allows you to increase performance rewards but decrease your cash flow expense.
  • Why you need greater compensation flexibility in the post-pandemic economy and how phantom stock helps you achieve it.
  • How a phantom equity plan can transform your employees into true growth partners in your business.
  • How to determine if your company is a candidate for a phantom stock plan.

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