How to Secure the People You Want

Secure Your Seat:

You are likely finding it more difficult than ever before to attract top talent. This is because the pool of skilled, educated, available labor is shrinking. As a result, those who possess unique abilities have leverage in negotiating the terms of their employment.

This environment is undoubtedly causing you to rethink everything about your recruiting strategy. You realize you won’t “win” by offering the same employee value proposition of the past, but you’re not exactly sure what to do differently. Who should you be trying to recruit? What kind of experience will they respond to? What do you need to offer to secure those people? We will answer these and other important questions in this presentation. You will not want to miss it.

If you need help winning the talent war that’s currently in progress, this is an event you must attend.


Tune into this broadcast to learn:

  • Why there is a scarcity of talent and how its origins should influence the way you recruit.
  • Why a “Wealth Multiplier” pay philosophy is attractive to top producers.
  • What millennial talent is looking for in an employee experience and how to meet those expectations.
  • How a well-defined performance framework can turn your organization into a magnet for top talent.
  • Why your employee value proposition must be both agile and enduring—and how you can achieve both.
  • Why value-sharing is a critical pay component in attracting high performers.