Build the Right Structure

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Compensation is expensive. And if your pay investment is not managed properly, it can wreak havoc on your company’s cash flow. For many business leaders, that’s been a key learning from the coronavirus economy.

So, how do you solve that problem? What rewards plan allocation is best suited to your organization and most likely to produce the performance results you want?

In this webinar, we will answer both those questions. We will show you how to create a structure that ensures your compensation investment is effectively planned and managed—and generates a real return for the company. Not only that, we will introduce you to an online tool that helps you achieve that outcome simply—and for free. 

By watching this broadcast, you will learn:

  • How to adopt a Total Rewards approach to compensation.
  • How to balance rewards for short versus long-term performance.
  • Why your pay philosophy must be clearly defined if your pay strategy is going to be successful.
  • How an effective rewards structure can help you envision, create and sustain a successful and enduring compensation strategy.
  • How to use VisionLink’s online tool to manage your Total Rewards plan simply and effectively.