Define and Reward Value Creation

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Learn What Makes Your Pay Strategy More Resilient Speak to a Pay Expert. No Charge.

The economic chaos caused by the coronavirus pandemic is likely causing you to examine every financial element of your business right now. And because compensation is the biggest line item on your P&L, that number blares at you like a neon sign these days. All logic tells you it needs to shrink--and quickly.  

As a result, you're wondering what your pay strategy should look like for the foreseeable future. Now, more than ever, your approach to compensation needs to be tied to performance--which means it is linked to results. If that's true, what should those results be and how do you make sure your pay plan effectively rewards them?

Watch this broadcast to learn the answers to those questions and more. In this presentation, we unveil the secret to creating a pay strategy that provides the agility needed to confront today's economic storm but remains relevant when prosperous times return.  

By watching this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to define value creation for your business and why it's more critical than ever that you do. 
  • Why you need a written pay philosophy, especially when the economy is bad.
  • What it means to create a balanced compensation "portfolio" and how it provides economic protection.
  • How to create a rewards approach that is both agile and stable.
  • How to market a future to your key people and turn them into true growth partners.