Learn What Secures Top Talent

Let’s face it, it is becoming harder and harder to attract the best talent. And without great people, you’ll never achieve a high-performance culture. As a result, your growth ambitions will be left unfulfilled. In short, it is critical to have an “irresistible” pay offer.

To learn how to make your company’s value proposition rejection-proof, watch our recorded webinar broadcast. It’s free and you will not want to miss it!

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • What a well-crafted pay philosophy should address and why it matters to the people you are trying to attract.
  • How to design a pay approach that appeals to the millennial employees you need to recruit.
  • Why a compensation strategy rooted in a value-sharing model is essential to an irresistible pay offer.
  • How top talent evaluates your compensation plan—and what they want it to help them achieve.
  • Why “how” you pay top producers is more important than “how much” you pay them.
  • How to create a rewards plan that offers unlimited earnings potential and pays for itself.

Featured Presenter:

Ken Gibson

Ken is Senior Vice-President of The VisionLink Advisory Group. He is a frequent speaker and author on rewards strategies and has advised companies for over 30 years regarding executive compensation and benefit issues.

Ken Gibson
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