Overcoming “Command & Control” 

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Join us for this unique opportunity to hear from the bestselling author of The Speed of Trust and Trust & Inspire, Stephen M.R. Covey.




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Business practices have changed over the years, but leadership practices have not kept pace. Most organizations continue to operate from a model rooted in “command & control.” They focus on positional power, hierarchies, and rigid compliance. Stephen M.R. Covey argues there is a better way to get the best out of your people. That way is Trust & Inspire.

Covey believes that people are creative, collaborative, and filled with potential. And to get them to perform at the highest level, they must be led by trust and inspiration, not rigid micromanaging. Trust & Inspire leaders engender heartfelt commitment, along with the passion and creativity that comes with it. 

To learn more about the Trust & Inspire leadership model, join us for this exclusive online event sponsored by VisionLink. In this unique, free broadcast, you will learn Trust & Inspire principles from the global leadership expert and author himself. 

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Stephen Covey