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Knowing how to strike the right balance between guaranteed and variable compensation has been a mystery to business leaders for a long time. The 2020 shutdown only deepened that mystery. If you’re like most, you emerged from that experience wondering what you were supposed to conclude—that incentives plans are more necessary or less going forward?

In truth, there is no universal right answer to that question. However, there are universal principles that can help you determine what’s right for your business.

In this webcast, we will share the four factors that should drive the balance your organization maintains between salaries and incentives in its compensation offering.

This presentation will benefit anyone who leads a business and want to ensure their company’s pay strategy is helping and not hindering performance and profits.

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In this presentation you will learn:

  • Why you must define value creation before you can determine the right balance between variable and guaranteed pay.
  • What it means to have a compensation philosophy and what it should address.
  • Why variable pay must be self-financing and how to ensure it is.
  • The key metric upon which all value-sharing (incentives) should be based.
  • Why finding the right balance between short and long-term incentives is key to striking the right balance between salaries and incentives.

VisionLink has been helping companies develop successful pay strategies since 1996. We have advised hundreds of business leaders on rewards issues, including how to balance salaries and incentives. We know what works. In this broadcast, we plan to share what we’ve learned with you.

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Featured Presenter:

Ken Gibson

Ken is Senior Vice-President and a principal of The VisionLink Advisory Group. He is a frequent speaker and author on rewards strategies and has advised companies for over 30 years regarding executive compensation and benefit issues.

Ken Gibson