Learn How to Reward Key Employees

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In an age where the workforce is so competitive, top talent has much more leverage than ever before.  Because of this, business leaders need to have a compensation strategy that attracts and retains these individuals.  Your compensation strategy should help build a unified financial vision for growing the business.  Among other things, this means you will need an effective way to share long-term value with those who help create it.  The dilemma is finding the value-sharing approach that will best help you drive the sustained performance you seek.

Many privately-help business owners are reluctant to share equity, and often times assume that is the only option.  Giving stock dilutes owner equity, invites additional scrutiny and broadens the circle of decision makers that have to be consulted when making strategic decisions.  In reality, sharing stock is not the only way to reward long-term value creation.  And in private companies especially, it is not even the preferred approach—for a range of reasons.  Attend this presentation to find out how you can share value with top performers, without diluting your owner equity.

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