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Much has been said over the past 12 months about the impact of the pandemic on businesses. There has been no shortage of advice, prognoses, warnings, and opinions offered by everyone from scientists and medical professionals to business leaders and politicians. While some of the commentary has been either handwringing or blame placing over the plight created by the 2020 crisis, much of it has been productive, helpful, and even encouraging. Some themes have developed through the things that have been published. Taken together, they provide insight into three main categories that should be of urgent interest to enterprise leaders: leadership and strategy, culture, and talent management.

VisionLink has been following these commentaries and will use this webcast to present some of the best ideas that have emerged of late. We’ll discuss those things we believe can be most helpful to businesses trying to succeed in the present environment.

If you lead a company, you should watch this broadcast.

In this broadcast you will learn:

  1. How to prevent your culture from becoming diluted while employees are working remotely.
  2. What it means to provide resilient leadership and build a resilient organization that can deal with extreme change.
  3. How some behaviors forced by the recent crisis can accelerate the development of a high-performance culture.
  4. How your employees can either accelerate or sabotage your company’s success—and what it takes to make sure they are committed performers.
  5. Rules for talent management in a virtual working environment.
  6. The relationship between a great employee experience and a great workplace culture when employees are working remotely.
  7. What a post-COVID business plan should include.
  8. What it means to create a “tighter” business strategy—and why it matters in the current environment.
  9. Why promise-based management is a critical philosophy and tool during a time of uncertainty.
In this presentation, VisionLink will combine the ideas of influential leaders with insights we have gained working with chief executives over the past 25 years. We have advised hundreds of companies during both good and bad economies. We have seen what works…and what doesn’t. In this broadcast, we will share those observations with you.