The Impact of Time & Variability

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At some point, all business leaders draw an important conclusion. Compensation is expensive, so they better “get it right” or the results can be disastrous. Especially for the company’s P&L.

The question is, what does “right” look like and what model should a business follow to achieve it?

This webcast will answer those questions. We will show you the elements that make up a balanced pay strategy, how to determine the right mix for your company and why the correct blend will translate to a better return on your compensation investment.
This presentation will benefit anyone who leads a business or has responsibility for their company’s pay strategy.

By watching this broadcast, you will learn:

  • How to determine the right blend of fixed and variable pay in your compensation offering.
  • The role your short-term incentive plan should play in your pay design.
  • The role your long-term incentive plan should play in your pay design.
  • How to balance rewards for annual versus sustained performance.
  • Why it is important to clearly define what value creation means for your company.
  • The role of a pay philosophy in determining how and with whom value will be shared.
  • The difference between profit and productivity profit—and why the latter is key to determining the return on your compensation investment.

VisionLink has been developing successful compensation strategies for companies in a wide range of industries since 1996. We have advised hundreds of business leaders on rewards issues in both good and bad economies. We know what works. In this broadcast, we share what we’ve learned with you.