Employ a Decision Tree Process

Secure Your Seat:

If you plan to grow your company, you will need a pay plan that rewards long-term performance. You just will! Employees want to know they can participate in the business value they help create.

The hard part is determining which value-sharing approach is most suitable. Should you share stock? If so, should you give away present value or just future value? If you do not want to share equity, do you still want to tie the incentive to business growth in some way? There are lots of questions to be answered before you can determine which LTIP strategy is best.

In this webinar, we will teach you the questions you should be asking and what your answers reveal. In short, we will help you decide how to pick the best LTIP option for your company.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • Why it’s essential that you have a long-term incentive plan.
  • The nine different types of long-term value-sharing plans.
  • How an LTIP decision tree works and why it’s an effective way to decide which plan is best.
  • When it’s appropriate to share stock in a private company.
  • Why phantom equity is usually better for both shareholders and employees than giving away real stock.
  • How strategic deferred compensation can help meet both retirement planning and LTIP goals.
  • Why some companies favor a profit pool over other LTIP options.