Hint: The Answer isn't More Surveys

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Most business leaders want greater engagement from their employees. So, they hire consultants, go on retreats, survey their workforce, initiate team-building exercises and design one engagement strategy after another. And then…they become frustrated because they have little to show for their efforts.

The truth is, employee engagement is not as complicated as we make it. The problem is, in business, we want to solve everything with a strategy. But engagement isn’t the result of a clever strategy. Its development is organic. Therefore, the focus of business leaders should be on encouraging and accelerating its evolution—not on trying to manipulate it into existence.

With that in mind, this webinar focuses on seven things all business leaders can do to create an environment in which engagement can take root. These seven elements are present in every company that has garnered high, enduring engagement from its people. The principles are universal and will work no matter how large or small the company.

If you want to secure greater passion and commitment from your people, this is a must-see presentation. In this broadcast you will learn…well, the 7 Secrets!