Adopt an Agile but Structured Strategy

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While the coronavirus has stalled business for many companies, some are experiencing a sudden spike in demand for their product or service. Perhaps yours is one of them. If so, you may find yourself “hiring in a hurry” to ensure you have enough talent to handle the sudden increase in interest, traffic and opportunity.

Given the urgency, the risk of mistake-making is high and can be costly—especially when it comes to extending pay offers. Compensation is an expensive proposition, so making promises in a hurry can be particularly hazardous. You don’t want to make commitments now you will regret later.

We can help you avoid that risk.

In this webinar, you will learn an approach to pay that is flexible enough for a hiring surge now but enduring enough to remain relevant when things settle down. You will also learn a way to virtually guarantee your pay strategy will be effective.

During this presentation, we will answer these questions and more:

  • What should your pay philosophy be during a period of heavy hiring?
  • How do you create the right balance between guarantees (salary) and results-based compensation (incentives)?
  • What kind of pay strategy encourages the right kind of value creation?
  • How should you prioritize rewards for short versus long-term performance?
  • How do you ensure your compensation investment drives an adequate return—both now and in the future?
  • How do you differentiate pay strategies for temporary versus permanent hires?
  • What common pay-related mistakes should you most avoid during a hiring surge?