Create a Stewardship Mindset

Watch the Recording:

If you lead a business, perhaps you’ve had to deal with questions like these: “Why is my bonus less than it was last year?” “Why didn’t I get a bigger salary increase?” “Can I have stock?” All are indicators your employees are feeling a bit entitled.

So, how does this happen? More important, what can you do about it? How can you transform a culture of entitlement into one focused on value creation and engagement?

Watch this recorded webinar and we’ll show you how!

In this broadcast, you will learn:

  • How entitlement takes root in an organization, and the damage it can cause.
  • How a clear pay philosophy can help you overcome virtually all employee complaints about compensation.
  • How to create and communicate a greater link between performance and pay.
  • How to transition from paying “incentives” to “sharing value”—and why it’s critical you do so.
  • What you must be willing to give up to overcome an entitlement mindset.
  • How to forge a partnership relationship with your people.