Build a High-Performance Culture

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Is there such a thing as a chief executive who is “satisfied” with the performance of his or her employees? Or, are there any who feel their company’s performance management system is “working?” And what about pay? Do you know anyone who feels good about the relationship between the incentive payments they are making and how their people are performing?

I’m guessing not.

So why is that? How can so many run successful businesses but not be able to figure out how to effectively manage the performance of their people and reward them in a way that drives more of the results they want?

The answer is because there are no rules. And the reason there are no rules is because every business is different.

So, what do you do?

Well, you will need to watch our on-demand webinar to learn the answer. (Sorry, it’s just how marketing works!) Discover the principles and practices successful companies use to drive, manage and reward superior employee performance.

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • What a high-performance culture looks like and how it is sustained.
  • How to establish a clear performance framework to guide your talent, performance and compensation strategies.
  • Why your business framework must clearly define “success” for the roles you are asking people to fulfill.
  • How to ensure your compensation framework aligns with your business and talent frameworks and strategies.
  • What a 21st century performance management system looks like and why flexibility is the new emphasis.
  • How to ensure your compensation approach is agile, but enduring.
  • Why a clear pay philosophy is key to creating a pay offer that works for both employees and owners.