What CEOs Need to Know, but Don't

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For most companies, compensation is the costliest item on the P&L. And yet business leaders typically know little about their organization’s pay strategy. In today’s hyper competitive world, that’s not okay. Pay is a strategic tool that can either drive or diminish company profitability. It is a key to recruiting the kind of talent that can positively impact the trajectory of the business. Therefore, chief executives need to play a leading role in charting the compensation course their companies take. But, to do that effectively, they must become better informed about core pay issues. But which issues? What, exactly, do they need to know?

This webinar will answer those questions. It is designed for enterprise leaders who want to learn how compensation can play a more productive role in their businesses.

If you lead a company, this is a must-see presentation. 

In this broadcast you will learn:

  • How to determine the philosophy that will guide your decisions about pay.
  • How to calculate the ROI on your compensation investment.
  • How to know whether you have the right blend of salaries and incentives.
  • How to determine what’s more important—rewarding short-term or long-term performance.
  • Why you should stop paying incentives and start sharing value.
  • How to make sure your pay strategy is properly “balanced.”
  • How to measure the success of your rewards plan.