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What guides your company’s decisions about compensation? Do you have a written philosophy that states your beliefs? Have you examined it in the context of the present environment?

If you don’t yet have a written statement, it’s more critical than ever that you draft one—and soon. If you have one, but it was created years ago, it’s time to review it. Make sure it addresses your ideas about how compensation should be handled in an uncertain economy.

Download this Tip Sheet to learn why it’s so important you clearly define your pay philosophy and what it should include. 

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Over the past several years, National Technical Systems has engaged VisionLink to provide insight and direction on a number of executive compensation issues, as well as a performance evaluation of our 401(k) plan. Under its direction, NTS completely revamped executive level rewards to align with our business growth objectives and the strategic plan of the company. VisionLink's insight and direction have been invaluable. NTS has achieved its growth objectives and our executives feel appropriately rewarded for their performance.

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