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VisionLink's vision has always been to help enterprise leaders build compensation plans that are tied to value creation and drive improved performance.  In 1996, we were a team of compensation, executive benefit, financial planning and human resource specialists who had already been consulting with businesses across the country on a variety of financial and human capital issues.  Through our interaction with company leaders in a wide range of industries, we discovered that virtually all of them were having a negative experience trying to develop an effective rewards strategy.  They couldn't determine what they were getting for the enormous amount of money they were paying their people.  As a result, we launched VisionLink with the intent of solving that problem. Since that time, we have grown a pay design company that has helped hundreds of businesses create compensation offerings that are compelling to employees and drive a real return for shareholders.  Because of the value we deliver, we have become the preeminent provider of rewards development services for high-growth private companies throughout the United States.  

VisionLink - Why Our Work Matters

Why Our Work Matters

We believe business success has a far-reaching impact.  It improves the economic condition of individuals, families, communities and even nations.  It also creates personal and professional development opportunities that enable people to make a meaningful contribution to purposes they believe in.  As a result, we are pro-growth and pro-success when it comes to serving the interests of business leaders.    

We have learned that sustained business growth is more likely to occur when all stakeholders of a company participate in the wealth multiple they help create.  Therefore, our focus is on transforming the way businesses share value with their employees, so they become true growth partners committed to the company’s success.

If we succeed in our aim, more and more businesses are empowered to succeed in theirs. Therefore, our work helps individuals and institutions fulfill the important purposes they exist to serve and the problems they are striving to solve that will improve all of our lives.

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VisionLink Values


Hear and clarify.

Give feedback and verify.

Accept criticism and apologize.


Be clear and open.

Resolve confusion and conflict.

Update frequently.


Be accessible.

Be prompt.

Get back.

Follow up.


Expand understanding.

Improve conditions.

Increase capacity.


Be informed.

Offer insight.

Provide clarity.

Increase understanding.


Achieve the desired result.

Deliver what was promised.

Add value.

The VisionLink Consulting Team

There are two things you should know about members of the consulting team that work on VisionLink’s engagements.  The first is that they possess deep and relevant skills.  Our consultants have experience and expertise in compensation design, human resources, executive benefits, strategic planning, law and accounting.  The second thing you should know is how our advisors are described by those who have worked with them: experienced, skilled, innovative, smart, reliable, responsive, honest, courteous, expert, approachable and insightful.

Tom Miller

Growth Strategy Team

Tom is the founder and president of The VisionLink Advisory Group. He is also the chief architect of BonusRight.com, VisionLink's online tool that helps companies build and manage their incentive plan.  Tom has been consulting with businesses on compensation and executive benefit issues for over 30 years.  He is a frequent speaker on pay strategy issues and has authored numerous articles on topics related to compensation and executive benefits.  He is VisionLink’s chief strategist and innovator.

Ken Gibson

Growth Strategy Team

Ken has been consulting with middle market private and public companies on compensation and executive benefits issues for over 30 years.  In addition, he manages VisionLink’s marketing and thought leadership efforts.  He has authored numerous articles on compensation, employee performance and engagement, recruiting and retention and other business growth issues that modern companies face.  Ken also conducts monthly webinar broadcasts for c-suite executives and other business leaders on topics related to enterprise growth and success.

Robert Rainey

Design Implementation Team

Robert has been working with businesses for close to three decades on compensation, executive benefit and executive financial planning issues.  In addition to consulting with clients throughout the United States, Robert also manages VisionLink’s Design Center where our compensation plans are engineered.  His focus and expertise are on the development of incentive plans that drive performance and align employee behavior with shareholder interests.

Craig Rutledge

Design Implementation Team

Craig has been working with businesses and their executives in a compensation consulting role for over 25 years.  He currently serves as the lead consultant on many of VisionLink’s projects, specializing in long-term incentive plans and executive benefit programs.  In addition, Craig oversees our funding analysis and implementation for the long-term incentive plans VisionLink designs for clients.

Joe Miller

Design Implementation Team

Joe Miller leads VisionLink's Competitive Compensation Services department.  He has over 15 years of experience in compensation design and administration. Prior to joining VisionLink in 2014, he worked in compensation leadership roles with several large national corporations.  Joe’s work focuses on market pay comparisons, pay grades,  total compensation structures and linking pay designs to performance. He is also has a lead product development role in BonusRight.com, VisionLink's online tool for helping companies build and manage their incentive plans.

Rebecca Napier

Rewards Management Team

Rebecca oversees VisionLink's Client Service Department that develops and implements Rewards Reinforcement Strategies for VisionLink clients.  In that role, she has developed key processes for the administration of long-term incentive plans, communication systems for corporate rewards strategies and “line of sight” evaluations that measure the impact of VisionLink’s work for our clients.  She has been working with our business clients on these issues for over 20 years and brings a deep background in Human Resources management to her role at VisionLink.

Sheila Williams

Design Implementation Team

Sheila leads the HR Support Service Department and serves as a compensation consultant on many of VisionLink’s projects. Prior to joining VisionLink, she held various roles within HR for 28+ years.  Her most recent corporate position was serving as Vice President of HR for a global manufacturing company. Her successful career spans all facets of HR including:  HR Strategy, Compensation and Benefit Design & Administration, Human Capital Management & Software Implementation, Leadership Development, and Performance Management. Sheila is passionate about Compensation and enjoys sharing her broad expertise with VisionLink clients.

David Buschmann

Design Implementation Team


The team at VisionLink helped our company structure a long-term incentive plan that parallels the company’s strategy for continued growth as a global market leader within our industry. Their approach resulted in a program that our corporate team and executives embraced on both a professional and personal basis. Through VisionLink’s guidance and execution, we were able to create both a motivational tool for current team members and a recruiting device to attract future executive level associates. Well done!

Mark Rhoades, President

Fluidmaster, Inc.

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