What Kind of Culture Will it Take to

Win in 2023?

What Kind of Culture Will it Take to Win in 2023?

It’s both an easy and a hard question to answer, is it not? The easy part is rattling off a list of characteristics you’d like your company’s culture to possess. Most CEOs could do that in their sleep. The hard part is personalizing it—in other words, making it so vivid and real that you cannot imagine not having that kind of culture in your business. It’s the kind of culture that is a magnet for premier talent and operates with a unified vision for growing the company. At VisionLink, we call it a high-performance culture. When it exists, it’s almost as though magic is at play. The truth is successful companies know how to create that magic. This month’s GrowthNotes will help you understand how they do it.


How Fearless Organizations Succeed

How Fearless Organizations Succeed
Achieving high performance requires having the confidence to take risks, especially in a knowledge-intensive world. When an organization minimizes the fear people feel on the job, performance — at both the organizational and the team level — is maximized. But how do you make your organization fearless in a way that builds its capability? Read More>


High-Performance Culture

5 Characteristics of a High-Performance Culture
Do you know someone who suffers from culture envy? This is the business leader who looks at competing organizations that are consistently great and thinks to himself: “Well sure, if I had their people, my company would be killing it too!”  For some reason, it doesn’t dawn on him that his talent may be just as great. In many if not most cases, the difference between his organization and his more successful competitor is his inability to breed a culture where employees feel like they are playing an important role in a business success story. Read More>


How To Measure Your Culture

How To Measure Your Culture 
(Chief Executive)
Big data has become the culture whisperer of business, telling us everything we want to know and much more. Through algorithms, AI and new tools, CEOs have made numbers talk in the same old-fashioned way as picking petals off a daisy. Employees love me, employees love me not. At what point do we stop listening, though? At what moment do too many voices—a cacophony of data points, a slew of spreadsheets, a field of daisy petals—become over-whelming to the senses? Read More>


Performance Management Report

The Reinvention of Performance Management
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The trend to change performance management began several years ago and accelerated during the economic lockdown. Now, companies large and small are abandoning rigid systems focused on annual, year-end reviews and are adopting fluid, forward-looking approaches rooted in mentoring and coaching. VisionLink’s free report, The Reinvention of Performance Management, will help you understand this trend and how it will affect your company. 

The Reinvention of Performance Management

The performance management revolution has left business leaders with many questions. Among them is how the more flexible system of managing employee performance should impact the company’s compensation philosophy and strategy. This report addresses that issue and helps you envision a pay offering that is compatible with where performance management is headed. 

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