What are People Saying About Your Employer Brand?

What are People Saying About Your Employer Brand

In today’s hyper-competitive talent market, a company’s employer brand is more important than ever before. Business leaders simply cannot afford to ignore its relevance and impact. And unless employers are intentional about defining their brand, others will define it for them—and seldom in the way they prefer. This month’s Growth Notes will help you understand what your employer brand should include and how to form the one you want.


Make Your Employer Brand Stand Out in the Talent Marketplace

Make Your Employer Brand Stand Out in the Talent Marketplace
(Harvard Business Review)
Employer branding is gradually becoming more important in C-suite conversations, but it’s still a relatively new concept. Several years ago business leaders might have pointed to pinball machines in the office game room or catered lunches as examples of employer branding. In 2022 most are aware that such perks hardly constitute a comprehensive employee retention strategy or play any meaningful role in the battle to attract top talent.
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Ignore Employer Branding at Your Company’s Peril
When was the last time you thought about your employer brand? If you are like most business leaders, your answer is likely, “seldom.” After all, it wasn’t long ago that most CEOs and company owners felt like their employees were lucky to have a job. (Remember the 2008 crash and the recession that followed?) In former times, how employees and potential recruits viewed an organization was important, but not a major priority. Well, needless to say, things have changed. We now live in the age of employee empowerment and employer branding is no longer an issue business leaders can ignore—at least if they expect to compete in the shrinking marketplace of skilled talent.
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This Time it’s Personal Shaping the New Possible through Employee Experience

This Time it’s Personal: Shaping the ‘New Possible’ through Employee Experience
(McKinsey & Company)
In an era of workplace upheaval, companies that create tailored, authentic experiences strengthen employee purpose, ignite energy, and elevate organization-wide performance.
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How Employee Engagement Happens

How Employee Engagement Happens
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How can so many business leaders devote themselves to improving employee engagement, yet so few succeed at it? Is there some hidden secret to winning the hearts and minds of employees that only a select few know about? If so, what is it? How do successful businesses get their people to completely engage in their roles?

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These kinds of questions have been torturing chief executives for years. The problem is engagement cannot be engineered into existence by having just the right strategy or by performing just the right number of surveys. Instead, it’s a byproduct of providing the right kind of employee experience. Download our free report to learn how to make that happen.
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