How Do Your People Describe their Employee Experience?

It Matters. Here’s Why.

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Think about it. Your employees control your business’s reputation with its customers. Your employees are your best source for finding and attracting the new talent you want to hire. Your employees determine whether your business will thrive or stall in this uneven economy. And your employees choose whether to be growth partners or growth inhibitors in their roles at your company. Consequently, how they feel and talk about their experience at your business is highly significant. With that in mind, this month’s GrowthNotes focuses on how to ensure your people are having the kind of experience you want them to have.


How to Improve the Employee Experience

How to Improve the Employee Experience
(Gallup Workplace)
The employee experience is the journey an employee takes with your organization. It is the sum of all interactions an employee has with an employer, from prerecruitment to post-exit. It includes everything from major milestones and personal relationships to technology use and the physical work environment. Read More>


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Have You Built an "Irresistible" Employee Value Proposition?
How do companies make themselves “irresistible” to people they want to attract and retain?  It starts with having the right culture…and a good culture is the product of a great employee experience…and a great employee experience is the natural extension of a complete and compelling value proposition. 
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Rethinking Your Approach to the Employee Experience

Rethinking Your Approach to the Employee Experience 
(Harvard Business Review)
Engagement and retention don’t correlate with benefits and awards. Employees have begun looking beyond material offerings and assessing how they feel about the company they work for—and that requires a different approach. Read More>


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What is an Effective Employee Value Proposition?
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An effective employee value proposition distinguishes your company in a highly competitive talent market. It defines the employee experience someone will have with your organization and tells them why they should choose your company over your competitors. To learn what your value offer should include, download our free report, What is an Effective Employee Value Proposition? 

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There was a time when a company only needed to provide a competitive salary and an adequate benefits plan. Those days are gone. Today, your employer brand and value offer need to be authentic, synchronized, and irresistible. Download this guide to learn how to meet that standard. 

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