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Last year’s fourth-quarter layoffs by big tech companies left some business leaders thinking the talent market was loosening up—and that perhaps they could even find great people at a bargain! Well…not so fast. The demand for superior employees is increasing, not diminishing. And if you’re not keeping up with where things are headed, you’ll likely find the people you want to hire are choosing to go elsewhere. Unfortunately, you may also find that some of your current employees are going with them. To help you avoid this outcome, this month’s GrowthNotes addresses what it will take to succeed in this worker-driven talent market.


Despite Layoffs, It’s Still a Workers’ Labor Market

Despite Layoffs, It’s Still a Workers’ Labor Market
(Harvard Business Review)
The economy in early 2023 is not being roiled by layoffs — which are currently abnormally low compared to historical standards. This means the labor market remains really tight, despite arguments to the contrary. As a result, hiring will remain tough, and it may even mean central banks will have to keep interest rates higher for longer. Read More>


The 4 Keys of an Employee Value Proposition that Immunizes Against Attrition Attracts Top Talent

The 4 Keys of an Employee Value Proposition that Immunizes Against Attrition & Attracts Top Talent
In VisionLink’s work with hundreds of businesses for over 25 years, we have identified four areas of an employee value proposition and experience that cause great talent to either join or leave an organization. Each of these elements is under constant scrutiny by individuals who know, based on their resumes, they have options. And this scrutiny is now happening at higher levels than ever before. Read More>


Identify Top Talent and Hire for Potential

Identify Top Talent and Hire for Potential 
The human capital decisions your organization makes every day directly affect productivity and profitability. While education, skills, knowledge, and experience should factor into hiring decisions, organizations are missing the opportunity to evaluate a critical component of a person's success -- their natural talent. Read More>


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What is an Effective Employee Value Proposition?
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An effective employee value proposition distinguishes your company in a highly competitive talent market. It defines the employee experience someone will have with your organization and tells them why they should choose your company over your competitors. To learn what your value offer should include, download our free report, What is an Effective Employee Value Proposition? 

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There was a time when a company only needed to provide a competitive salary and an adequate benefits plan. Those days are gone. Today, your employer brand and value offer need to be authentic, synchronized, and irresistible. Download this guide to learn how to meet that standard. 

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