Create Flexible but Enduring Plans

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Chances are, you’ve been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Not the flu itself, hopefully. (God willing, you’ve steered clear of that contagion.) No, we’re talking about the economic hit. Its impact has been more far reaching and less discriminatory than the actual virus.

If Covid-19 has created an uncertain economic future for your company, we’d like to show you a way to effectively manage compensation in the face of the current chaos that also ensures your success when things rebound. We call this the “survive to thrive” strategy.

In this presentation you will learn a pay approach that is flexible and resilient enough for broad cash flow fluctuations but enduring enough to remain relevant when prosperous times return.
If you need to know how to manage compensation in a crisis, you should watch this recording.

During this presentation, we will answer questions such as:

  • What is the role of incentives in a bad economy?
  • How can you lower expenses but still reward performance?
  • What kind of pay strategy encourages value creation?
  • Should your compensation philosophy differ now from when times were good?
  • What kind of employee performance should be rewarded and how?
  • How do you make sure your pay approach is agile but also stable?
  • What is the least “expensive” way to compensate your people in this environment?
  • What do your employees expect from your pay offering right now?