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LTIP Options ReportLTIP Options: How to Share Value with Employees Who Drive Long-Term Business Growth

Your compensation strategy should make it easy for your employees to invest in your vision—especially your key performers. It should create a unified financial vision for growing your business. As a result, you need an effective way to share long-term value with those who help create it. The dilemma is finding the value-sharing approach that will best help you drive the sustained performance you want. Learn the nine different types of long-term incentive plans and how to determine which one is right for your company.

Why Most Bonus Plans Fail Report

Why Most Bonus Plans Fail

Most business owners either hold their bonus plan in contempt or avoid creating one because they simply don’t know what works. In either case, frustration is the outcome and help is sorely needed. For over 20 years, our experts have designed incentive plans for businesses. We have learned what works and what doesn’t–and are ready to share it all with you. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls that lead to failure and learn from experts how to build a bonus plan that drives the results you want.

How to Build a Pay Strategy Report

The Ultimate Guide: How to Build a Complete & Compelling Pay Strategy

In this comprehensive report you will learn what it means to define the “job” you’re “hiring” compensation to do, how to develop a pay philosophy that will guide all of your rewards strategy decisions and what a “complete” value proposition must include to be compelling. If you lead a company and wants to develop a more competitive and compelling rewards approach, you will want to read this free guide.

How to Pay Millennials

How to Pay Millennials

Millennials are growing up...and have taken over majority status in today's workforce. As a result, if you lead a company, odds are you have a significant block of employees who fall in this category within your organization. You have probably likewise concluded that this group is a breed apart from those you’ve previously dealt with…so when it comes to constructing an effective pay plan, you’re at a loss. Among other things, you may have bought into the conventional wisdom that says millennials are not loyal to a company and therefore traditional forms of pay won’t appeal to them. If these are issues you’re facing, download this free eBook.


Breakthrough: 5 Principles that Changed a Culture and Transformed a Business

Breakthrough is about the principles that drive high performance cultures culled from over 20 years of interaction with successful CEOs and business owners. Written by VisionLink’s CEO, Tom Miller, Breakthrough offers a front-row seat to an intimate and compelling conversation between Raul and Sid, two business owners with vastly different perspectives about the state of their companies. The story is fictional but the issues the two company leaders discuss are real. If you lead a business, Breakthrough is a must read.

CEOs Role in Building a Pay StrategyThe CEOs Role in Building a Pay Strategy

As a business leader, there are at least three key areas you should focus on if you want pay to be a business growth driver instead of a drain for your company. This report explains how your leadership in those three crucial planning categories impacts your team’s ability to design a rewards approach that enables a culture of performance. If you want pay to help drive instead of inhibit company growth, you will want to downlod this free report.

Pay Practices that Kill Employee Engagement4 Pay Practices that Kill Employee Engagement

Some business leaders manage to stifle employee commitment and passion through their pay strategies instead of driving greater performance and loyalty. It’s unintentional but common. So, what causes this to happen and how do you know whether it’s occurring at your company? This report details the most common ways compensation strategies can lead to negative outcomes. It will tell you exactly what you want to avoid when it comes to engineering effective rewards. We don’t want you to become a victim of poor pay practices, so download this free report.

Performance Management

The Reinvention of Performance Management

Have you been following what’s happening with employee appraisal systems lately? More and more businesses are abandoning structured processes in favor of a more flexible approach. Perhaps this new trend is raising some questions for you. This report will help you learn about the compensation issues that are impacted by the revolution that’s underway and what you should do about them. To learn more, download our free report today!

Employee EngagementWhat is the Impact of Pay on Employee Engagement?

According to Deloitte, we have entered the age of the empowered employee. This simply means that premier talent understands its career options and knows how to pursue them. To win their hearts and minds, you have to become what the consulting firm calls an “irresistible organization.” This trend is raising questions about the role compensation plays in attracting, engaging and retaining the best people. To learn what to do about your rewards strategy in this empowered employee era we have entered—and how the right value proposition will enhance your “irresistibleness.”, you will want to download this free report!

Most Important Compensation PlanThe Most Important Compensation Plan a Company Can Have

Most business leaders would love to find a single pay strategy that could become the answer for compensating their employees. If it existed, it would be the Holy Grail of compensation design. In the real world, everyone recognizes there is no such plan. Instead, companies need to know how to prioritize their compensation planning efforts and what combination of plans is best suited to their circumstances. To learn how to make that determination, download our free white paper today!

Do Incentive Plans Work?Do Incentive Plans Really Work?

There has been a long-running debate about incentive plans and whether or not they "work." It usually centers on one central question: Do incentive plans measurably and positively influence employee behavior? While many in business assume it's conventional wisdom that incentive plans have a meaningful impact, some assert otherwise. These opposing voices challenge the assumptions many business leaders hold regarding human motivation in the workplace. To find out VisionLink's opinion on this highly debated topic, download this free white paper.


What Problem is Your Compensation Strategy Solving?

Too many business leaders create more problems than they solve with their pay strategies. Compensation should help remove barriers, not create them. This paper explains why and introduces eight principles that will transform pay design into a solution to some of the organization's most chronic problems.


The Future of Compensation: Where it's Headed and Why

Pay programs represent the largest budget item most business leaders have to manage. Add to that factor the economic, business and cultural changes of recent years and you have American companies paying more attention to compensation than probably ever have before—and with greater urgency. For VisionLink's analysis of where compensation is heading and what issues business will face, download our free white paper today.

wp-wltvsmWhy Long-Term Value Sharing Matters

Value sharing is an issue that all enterprise leaders must ultimately confront. And when they do, the key question they wrestle with has little to do with which plan to use. Instead, the concern that leaves most of them unresolved is: "Will it really make a difference?" For VisionLink's answer to that question, download our free white paper today.

wp-totalcompThe Total Compensation Structure

Most compensation programs fail for an avoidable reason. Typically, the root cause is the lack of a total compensation structure and philosophy to guide the consideration, design and introduction of pay strategies. Instead, rewards plans are created and launched in a vacuum. The result is a piecemeal approach to compensation development that leaves both company leadership and the workforce frustrated. To learn how you can avoid the mistakes so many businesses experience in this regard, download VisionLink's latest white paper today.

wp-compadvCreating and Sustaining a Competitive Advantage

Creating and sustaining a competitive advantage might well be considered the "Holy Grail" of business. Boards, shareholders and business owners all seek the results that flow from a competitive advantage. Because of this, management and executive groups commonly focus much of their energies on its achievement. And everyone wants to be associated with the organization that possesses it—because those that have a competitive advantage are considered winners. Given that, two questions beg to be answered. First, what does it mean to have a competitive advantage? And second, how is it achieved? This white paper will help you answer those questions and better understand the roots from which they emanate.

wp-phantomstockPhantom Stock: The Ideal Plan

Many business leaders recognize the need to share value with those who help create it, but are reluctant to give away stock. Nonetheless, they want to foster an ownership mindset particularly among key producers in the organization. For such companies, phantom stock can be an ideal solution. It ties a future reward to the value of the business without diluting owner equity. This white paper explains why phantom stock is garnering so much attention recently among private companies and how it can positively impact the performance of key talent in an organization.