4 Measures of a Successful Pay Strategy

How do you know whether your company’s pay strategy is successful? It’s a simple question but most company leaders struggle to find an adequate answer.

The reason the question is so difficult is because compensation is seldom considered a strategic issue. It’s considered a cost issue. Therefore, it is designed without the success measures most strategic initiatives carry.

So how do you determine a measure that best defines success when it comes to compensation? To learn, view this webinar.

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • The 4 criteria every pay strategy must meet to be considered successful.
  • Why incentives should only be paid from productivity profit.
  • What it means to build pay strategies that are self-financing.
  • How to measure the ROI on your rewards investment.
  • How to design compensation in a way that ensures success.
  • What it means to define the job you’ve “hired” compensation to do.
  • Why the starting point of any successful rewards strategy is a clear pay philosophy.

If you are struggling to determine whether your pay strategy is successful, you won’t want to miss this valuable presentation.


Webinar Recording:

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