The 3 Parts of an Irresistible Pay Offer
March 27 2019 11 a.m. PDT
A Live Webinar for C-Suite Executives Seeking Higher Employee Performance

Live Webinar: The 3 Parts of an Irresistible Pay Offer

How to Attract Top Talent with Your Pay Offer

Let’s face it, it’s becoming harder not easier to attract top talent. And without great people, your business growth becomes stifled because a high-performance culture never really takes root. You need strategic leaders to help you do that. So, bottom line, you simply must have a value proposition that is second to none. And at the core of a winning employee value proposition is a pay offer that no one could possibly refuse. One that is “irresistible.” To learn how to make your pay offer irresistible for both employees and shareholders, tune in to our upcoming broadcast. You will not want to miss it!

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Ken GibsonFeatured Presenter:
Ken Gibson

Ken is Senior Vice-President of The VisionLink Advisory Group. He is a frequent speaker and author on rewards strategies and has advised companies for over 30 years regarding executive compensation and benefit issues.