Phantom Stock Checklist

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Phantom Stock

The core work of The VisionLink Advisory Group is the development of incentive plans that will drive results in your business - including Phantom Stock. Our team of experts can help you conceptualize a plan, build the financial models to test its metrics, document it, roll it out, and provide ongoing program management and administration.

Should Your Company Consider a Phantom Stock Plan?

Developing a long-term incentive strategy is critical to any company wishing to attract great talent and increase shareholder value. Phantom Stock is one of nine different kinds of incentive plans a company could potentially use to accomplish that purpose. Following is a checklist of criteria you might examine to determine if your company should be considering such a plan.

Phantom Stock Checklist

 We are seeking to nurture an ownership mentality
 We have a pay philosophy to reward value creation
 We want to tie incentive performance measures to the value of the business
 We do not want to share real equity
 We have key employees that have an entrepreneurial orientation
 We want to create a long-term focus
 We have key people in our company that we need to retain
 We want to be selective about who is eligible to participate in our plan
 We have a clear and compelling vision for the future
 We have a clear strategy for business growth and our employees understand it
 We have defined clear roles and performance expectations
 We have widespread belief in the company's growth goals by our key employees
 We already have a short-term incentive plan in place
 We are committed to growth

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