Short and Long-Term Incentive Plans

VisionLink helps companies achieve the right balance between guaranteed and variable compensation as well as short-term versus long-term incentives. It believes that incentives should take the form of value sharing which are paid out of the productivity profit of the company. This is a "self-financing approach" that rewards individuals for their contributions to value creation while protecting shareholders. We incorporate a "decision tree" process to determine which plan is most suitable, perform extensive modeling to ensure financial viability, help clients navigate all planning decisions, provide expert documentation assistance and help with personal employee enrollment, as well as ongoing administrative support.

VisionLink's extensive capabilities allow us to design, implement and manage any of the following types of annual and long-term value-sharing plans.

Short-Term Value-Sharing

Long-Term Value Sharing

• Profit-Driven Allocation Pools • Restricted Stock
• Salary Target Plans (tied to customized key performance indicators) • Stock Options
• Hybrid Plans • Performance Shares
• Full Value Phantom Stock
• Stock Appreciation Rights (Phantom Stock Options)
• Performance-Based Phantom Stock
• Deferred Stock Units
• Performance-Based Deferred Compensation
• Profit Pools
• Performance Unit Plans (PUP)

Value sharing

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For more information about Short and Long-Term Incentive Plans, click here .