Executive Benefits

Many companies look to supplement core compensation strategies for key producers in their organizations with selective benefit programs designed to assist those employees with building and protecting wealth. They do so to secure a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining premier talent. VisionLink can effectively assist companies with a broad range of executive benefit plans that meet this need.

Plan Type


Deferral Plan Provide a means for highly compensated employees to defer pre-tax income for retirement
Deferred Compensation Provide a defined contribution, supplemental retirement plan for key people funded by the company
Strategic Deferred Compensation Provide an incentive-based deferred compensation plan tied to the fulfillment of performance standards
Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan (SERP) Provide a defined benefit executive retirement plan for highly compensated, key employees
Hybrid Plans Provide a plan for key, highly compensated employees that is funded by both participant and company contributions
Executive Life Insurance Plans
(Split Dollar, Executive Bonus)
Provide a company or shared funded supplemental life insurance program to key employees
Executive Disability Plans Provide an income replacement plan for key people in the event of a sustained disability that requires an extended of permanent absence from work

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