The Compensation GamePlan™

An important first step in creating effective pay programs is to assess current practices in the context of the company’s vision for the future. Compensation is a strategic tool that can help reinforce the outcomes a business seeks to achieve towards its growth goals. As a result, VisionLink can help an organization develop a Compensation GamePlan™ that envisions that future business (through the lens of a financial model), defines a compensation philosophy, and identifies the specific rewards strategies that will best fulfill that philosophy. This process often includes The Alignment Appraisal Process™ and a market pay assessment to equip company leadership with hard data that will inform their planning.

GamePlan Process

• Assess current pay practices
• Establish a compensation philosophy
• Validate market competitiveness
• Construct pay grade structure
• Process employee feedback
• Identify compensation gaps, redundancies and imbalances
• Determine specific plan changes or additions
• Build prioritized timeline for implementation

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