The Alignment Appraisal™

Many company leaders have some intuition about whether there is alignment between their pay practices and the business plan of the organization, but they lack data to help them make a more precise evaluation. The Alignment AppraisalTM takes the guess work out of that assessment. It gives a business the means to measure alignment in a quantifiable way. It helps business leaders identify the areas of greatest organizational strength in two critical categories, each with five areas of assessment.



The first category measures the structure of the company’s internal compensation practices and decisions. The second category examines the perception or mindset of employees--how they perceive the viability and value of the company’s compensation programs.
Alignment. Do we align our pay strategy with our business strategy? Future. Do our employees perceive themselves as belonging to a dynamic organization with a compelling future?
Meaning. Does our pay strategy offer fair and meaningful value to our top contributors? Connection. Do our employees see the connection between company success and personal compensation?
Stewardship. Are we effective stewards of the compensation investment being made by shareholders? Fairness. Do our employees feel that our pay practices are fair, consistent and purposeful?
Partnership. Do the design components of our incentive plans promote a value-sharing, partnership philosophy? Value Participation. Are the design components of our incentive plans based on a value-sharing, partnership philosophy?
Reinforcement. Are we excellent communicators of the value and purpose of our compensation packages? Engagement. Do our employees feel fully engaged in their jobs?

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