Who We Serve

Meeting the Demands of Growth-Oriented Companies

VisionLink works with companies that are passionate about their growth, understand the key performance factors and strategic initiatives they must achieve and need help creating greater execution. This is not limited to a specific industry. We most commonly work with companies in the following demographic profile: $20 to $500 million in revenue, 100 to 5,000 employees. Companies that engage VisionLink usually either have an acute need (i.e. re-engineer the annual bonus plan, design a long-term incentive plan) or more broad-based strategic requirements (i.e. diagnose current condition, establish a rewards philosophy and GamePlan, build financial models to test plans, etc.).

Most commonly, our work is initiated with those responsible for the strategic direction of the company. This typically includes:

  • Company Owners not operating as CEO
  • Owner CEOs
  • Hired CEOs
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • For our public clients, we also provide services to both compensation committees and human resource departments