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A Checklist for Building World-Class Compensation

If you’re a growth-oriented business leader of a private company, chances are you envision a future company that is bigger and better than the present one. To realize that vision, you must have breakthrough results and not just incremental change. None of that can happen without a pay strategy that helps you attract the best people and effectively reinforces the world-class performance standards you expect those people to meet.

Great compensation strategies don’t “appear” out of random acts of rewards plan development. They grow out of practices rooted in strategic thinking and sound design principles. With that in mind, VisionLink has developed this checklist to improve your ability to implement a more effective approach to pay for your organization.

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Our firm has had a long-term incentive plan for over eight years but we never quite felt like it was firing on all cylinders. We hired VisionLink to re-energize our plan, and they did it! We now have a cohesive awards strategy that's fair to shareholders and valued by our employees. VisionLink's team is technically skilled and very creative. We're happy to recommend VisionLink to firms looking to upgrade their management incentive programs.

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