Issue: Employees Lack Enthusiasm about their Employer Relationship

Individual members of your workforce do not have a clear understanding of the connection between the vision of the company, its business model and strategy, their roles and what’s expected of them in those roles, and how they are rewarded for meeting those expectations.

Impact: What’s Affected

A fully engaged, high-performance culture fails to take root.

Players: Those Involved in Finding a Solution
  • Chief Executive Officer or President
  • CFO
  • HR VP or Manager
  • Employer Brand Managers or Consultants
  • VisionLink Consultants
Triggers: Symptoms of the Problem
  • The company is providing a high value pay program, but employees are still leaving.
  • Employees indicate they don’t understand the strategic purpose of their role.
  • Employees leave because their unique abilities are underutilized.
  • Employees leave because they don’t experience personal and profession growth.
  • The company receives a low net promoter score from its workforce.
  • The company receives lower than merited ratings on workplace sites such as
  • There is a lack of consistency in how employees describe the company’s vision, purpose and business strategy.  


Preconditions: What’s Assumed in Pursuit of a Solution
  • Company leaders develop an employer brand philosophy and strategy.
  • Company leaders identify a clear and compelling corporate purpose (why the company exists) and governing values.
  • Company leaders create a clear pay philosophy that defines what value creation means for its business and how and with whom it will be shared.  
  • The company commits to a Total Rewards approach to its value proposition that gives equal emphasis to: 1) Offering a compelling vision; 2) Providing a positive and engaging work environment; 3) Offering opportunities for personal and professional development, and; 4) Providing meaningful financial rewards for high performance.
  • The company has established channels through which it can communicate with its employees regularly and effectively.


Post-Conditions: What’s True Once the Solution is Applied
  • Employees experience greater line of sight.
  • Employees demonstrate higher engagement in their roles and greater enthusiasm about their employer.
  • Company leaders are consistently working to meet and exceed employee expectations in each dimension of the Total Rewards offering.
  • Employees feel a sense of partnership with company owners and other leaders in building a successful business.
Normal Flow: How VisionLink Works to Solve the Problem
  1. VisionLink works with company leaders (players) to assess the current state of the company’s Total Rewards experience for employees.
  2. VisionLink works with company leaders to complete or hone a compensation philosophy statement.
  3. VisionLink works with company leaders to define the elements of the organization’s employee value proposition—why top talent should want to work there.   
  4. VisionLink helps company leaders develop an employee value statement that projects and illustrates the financial partnership the business has with its employees.
  5. VisionLink works with company leaders to determine messaging for its value proposition—for both current and prospective employees.
  6. VisionLink helps company leaders identify a communications and promotional strategy to reinforce the company’s Total Rewards offering.  
  7. VisionLink offers company leaders a range of plan management and administration services that include producing incentive plan statements for participating employees.
  8. VisionLink helps company leaders establish a timeline and channel schedule for all the above.
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