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To grow your business, you need a high-performance culture.  To create a high-performance culture, you need top talent.  To attract top talent, you need an irresistible value proposition.  And to create an irresistible value proposition you need a compelling pay offer.

VisionLink  can help you  build a pay strategy that will make your company's value proposition irresistible.

The 5 Outcomes We Help You Achieve


Increased Ability to Attract & Retain High Performers


Improved Employee Ownership of Results

Value Creation

Higher Employee Commitment to Driving Business Growth


Improved Productivity Profit and Increased Shareholder Value


Sustained Belief in the Company’s Ability to Succeed

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Re-Imagine Employee Incentives

What if incentive plans paid for themselves?

Believe it or not, it is possible.  When you effectively tie incentives to the value creation of your employees, they become “self-financing.” This linking of value-sharing to “productivity profit” is the way “pay for performance” is defined in the modern age.  It is also the way to drive a real return on your compensation investment.

Let us show you how to transform employee incentives into value-sharing plans that pay for themselves.

Learn the purpose of incentive compensation and how to make your plans  self-financing.


Increase Employee Performance

Should you be rewarding results or behavior?

Stephen R. Covey once said: "You cannot hold people responsible for results if you supervise their methods.“  A parallel truth is: “You cannot hold people responsible for results if you reward them for their methods.”  Company performance accelerates when employees take ownership of results.  And if your pay approach effectively rewards those results, you’ll get more of them.

Let us show you how the right pay strategy can help you secure the employee performance you want.

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There is No Substitute for Experience

VisionLink has virtually perfected the process of designing compensation plans that drive higher employee performance and empower business growth.  Our approach is simple, effective, and affordable. It has been built, refined and tested through decades of work with hundreds of businesses in almost every industry.  That experience has made us skilled at delivering pay strategies that are complete, balanced and compelling.

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What Sets VisionLink Apart



We have designed rewards strategies for more than 500 clients since our founding in 1996, in virtually every industry.



Our work helps you achieve outcomes that are critical to the fulfillment of your growth goals.



We deliver more than expected. We help you grow your company, not just build your compensation plans.



We introduce solutions you didn't know were possible that solve the compensation problems you face.



We combine technology and a proven design process to deliver a superior experience at an affordable cost.



We know the questions to ask and the direction to offer that will ensure you receive a compensation plan that is enduring, stable and effective.

"Our company was like VisionLink’s typical clients. We were great at sales and haphazard at how we compensated our people. VisionLink’s process brings great clarity and confidence to our growth planning - and makes compensation a great growth capability."

Dan Sullivan - Founder and President of Strategic Coach®

“VisionLink has helped us successfully engineer a long-term incentive plan that has empowered our company to reward and retain key talent while increasing shareholder value. The knowledge, patience and deep experience of its team members helped us navigate a road that was unfamiliar to us. Ultimately, VisionLink designed a plan that met the high standards of both stockholders and key management employees. “

Reggie Dupre - CEO of Dupre Logistics

“We have been working with VisionLink for nearly 8 years and we consider them part of our team. They helped us develop the compensation philosophy and strategy we needed for a period of rapid growth and structured a long-term incentive plan that works for both shareholders and executives. The result has been nearly zero turnover. Our senior leadership team has been together for over 10 years now. I credit VisionLink with helping us create a loyal and aligned group of executives and founders who are united in working to achieve our growth goals.”

Ari Supran – CEO of Sonance

"VisionLink has helped us successfully navigate a number of complex issues regarding our rewards programs. It has dealt with all facets of these varied issues with a high degree of competence, integrity, and straight forward advice. VisionLink’s experienced team has consistently delivered first class results in a timely, professional manner and has become a valued Storm partner."

Thomas K. Grzywacz - Storm Industries, Inc.

"Our firm had a long-term incentive plan for over eight years but we never quite felt like it was firing on all cylinders. We hired VisionLink to re-energize our plan, and they did it! We now have a cohesive awards strategy that’s fair to shareholders and valued by our employees. VisionLink’s team is technically skilled and very creative. We’re happy to recommend VisionLink to firms looking to upgrade their management incentive programs."

John M - FTO Inc.

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